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Our Beautiful Blue King Track

The original Thunderdome raceway was a fast and very smooth 185 FT ENGLEMAN style track that had been at the Famous Stafford raceway in Queensland capital, Brisbane.

In June of 2004 we purchased Sydney City Slotcars 155' Blue King track, it stayed in storage until January 2005 when the Engleman was dismantled.  The king was setup the same month

 Thunderdome Blue King raceway

The most popular type of 1:24 scale track is the "Blue King".

It is 155 feet long, (47.244 metres) it is the track that is recognized for world records in 1:24 racing.

The 2007 world record qualifying lap is held by Paul Buef Pederson at 1.404 seconds, which computes to 110.3 feet per second or 120.32 kilometers per hour.

Carl Nielsen is first and only Australian to go under 1.6 so far on a king track. He ran 1,667 seconds at the 2007 Australian Nationals. Then 1.641 in August 2007 at the Queensland state titles and 1,606 seconds during the New Year Race in 2008

The "King" track is unusual in that the segments are "named" starting from the main straight in an anti-clock wise direction: bank, chute, deadman (corner), finger, back straight, 90 (corner), donut (corner), lead-on, and top-turn.

Generally the "King" tracks are used for wing-car racing, where unbanked "flat" tracks of various designs are used for scale racing.

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